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Creating a Class Ring or Graduation Ring... made simple

We have made the process of creating your own Honour Ring very simple. Whether you require a new or reproduction Class Ring, Organisation Ring, Graduation Ring, Club Ring or Family Ring, we can help you achieve exactly what you want, with design and service that is second to none.

Our rings can be manufactured from a range of precious metals, including Sterling Silver, Gold, White Gold and Platinum. Once designed, your ring can be securely ordered from this website with no minimum order quantity and will arrive beautifully packaged in a specially designed matching ring box.


High Schools, PTE's, Polytechs and Universities

We are New Zealand's leading supplier of class rings and can assist you in creating an Honour Ring that graduates will cherish for years.  Please fill out the form below for your free design or get in contact with us directly.  


Sports Clubs

Honour Rings are perfect for sport clubs to recognise membership, achievement and outstanding performance.  Unite your players with your very own Honour Rings.


Family Rings

We have access to family crests dating back centuries.  If you would like to remake an existing family ring or design a new one please get in touch.  We will provide you with an excellent custom design at a surprisingly affordable price. 


Other Rings

Our highly skilled designers can turn your ideas and desires into a prestigious Honour Ring what will not only build culture with your organisation; but may form the cornerstone of a tradition that will endure.