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About Honour Rings

Memories, Success, Tradition, Ambition

Honour Rings provides class rings and graduation rings that are a symbol of excellence, achievement and success.  They provide a meaningful memento of both the best times as well as the solidarity discovered through adversity. Honour Rings are available in a wide range including, but not limited to; class rings, team rings, family rings and club rings.

Our Mission

Honour Rings was founded in 2006 because we saw a need to provide a better way to acknowledge those people who have accomplished great things.  We want to honour their achievements and success with the recognition they deserve.  Honour Rings are the perfect memento as they are a prestigious item which can be worn on a daily basis or treasured for special occasions.

Quality Design and Manufacture

We have made the process of creating an Honour Ring for your organisation, high school, alumni, college or university very simple. Our skilled designers will turn your ideas and desires into a prestigious Honour Ring that will not only build culture within your organisation but may form the cornerstone of a tradition that will endure.   We use the latest software to embed the deepest meaning within each ring and provide an impressive presentation to your recipients.

Rings can be manufactured from a range of precious metals, including Sterling Silver, Gold, White Gold and Platinum. Members of your organisation can then purchase their custom jewellery online through our website. The completed ring will arrive custom-packaged in a box featuring your organisation’s brand.

Supply, Service & Guarantee

At Honour Rings, we stand behind the quality and authenticity of every item we sell. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we welcome you to contact us. We pride ourselves in offering every client quality supply solutions to meet their needs, regardless of how big or small their organisation or request may be.

New Zealand Owned

Honour Rings is proud to be a New Zealand owned and operated business.  All of our Honour Rings range are 100% made in New Zealand to the highest quality.


In many cases, Honour Rings gives a generous percentage on all ring sales back to the organisation to put towards a good cause. Talk to us to find out more.

Contact Us

Talk to us today if you would like to find out how we can help you. We enjoy providing solutions for people and would love to hear from you. 

“The team at Honour Rings promise you, our valued customer, the best service, quality and customer experience available.”